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Why I Teach Generosity Rather Than Tithing

Why I Teach Generosity Rather Than Tithing

This is a huge topic and has had much discussion and debate. My personal conclusion having read and studied a bit, is that Jesus completed what he came to do, and now the new church is to be concerned with generosity in all areas of life, rather than the law of the tithe.

Jesus was not only about being a follower, or a Christian, but was also concerned with our motives and our thoughts. He said if we even look at a woman with lust in our minds, we have committed adultery.

So it is important that when we give, it is with a generous motive, a generous heart. In the 9th chapter of the 2nd letter to the Corinthians, we read about giving with joy. I take that to mean if we do NOT have joy, God is not happy with our gift. Our heart motives are important to God. He does not need our money.

So we are told to excel in the grace of giving—generosity.  Why is generosity so important? Here are a few thoughts to guide you with your donors.

  1. Generosity is important to God.  God is the most generous. He desires His followers, His children to follow in His ways. Generosity is godliness.

  2. Generosity is about money and more. Yes, we are to be generous with our money. Our resources do not belong to us, and when we see a need and God moves in us to give, we are to respond. And generosity goes beyond money to our time, relationships, talents, and so many other areas of our lives.

  3. Generosity affects the giver. We know Jesus said it is more blessed to give than to receive. Why? What happens to the generous giver? What changes us when we give? It is a spiritual gift to the giver from God. That spiritual gift involves peace, a sense of accomplishment, a joy, and other gifts to us from God.

  4. When we are generous we are less likely to covet, be greedy, and be jealous of earthly wealth and riches. When we are truly generous our views change. When we let go of the need to have more, a peace comes over our spirit as we see things as God sees them, temporary and of this world.

Those are just a few thoughts on generosity. I believe the current and future church must move from the "tithe talk" to multiple messages throughout the year on generosity. As it is written in 2nd Corinthians 8:7, we are to excel in the grace of giving, along with love, and faith. Combined with these two pillars of our Christian lives (love and faith) being known as a generous church could really change our world. Being known as a generous person because of your faith in Jesus Christ will change you. And when as a minister of development you live a life of generosity, you will find a new connection with every one of your donors.

Go and be generous!