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My Ministry of Development Heroes

Why I Teach Generosity Rather Than Tithing

In my many years of working in development and consulting with organizations, I have met many wonderful people who make a difference in their organizations and the people they serve. I would like to point out and thank three of these great "ministry of development" heroes as they have all retired last year and this year.

Bebe Dorris served at Kokomo Rescue Mission for 20 years, Randa Noble at Rockford Rescue Mission for 14 years, and Risa Petrie at Central Wyoming Rescue Mission for 14 years. You are my heroes for your great hearts and great work!

I have worked with all three as clients, teacher/student, and mentor. And through the years they have taught me so much. Here are some of the main things I have learned from them.

  1. They love the organizations they work for. They are not working for a paycheck or prestige. They LOVE the homeless and hurting people they serve. And they LOVE the donors they serve. They always have a story to tell.
  2. They are faithful. I am sure all three have been offered other jobs through the years. When you are successful in development someone always wants to hire you away. They have all stayed the course at their position and have realized the results of their hard work.
  3. They believe in Biblical Stewardship. They know the scriptures and the principles that guide the steward. They look to implement these principles throughout their development programs and the staff.
  4. They are life-long learners. They are always reading, writing, sharing, and teaching wherever they can. This is how their development efforts continue to be successful.

I commend these heroes for their hard work and the contribution they have made for their organizations and for the profession of development. I hope they will remain mentors for others in the field. None of them are "too old" to keep adding to the profession. I look forward to seeing them at upcoming conferences if they are able.

Thank you Bebe, Randa, and Risa for your hard work, faithfulness, and being great examples of ministers of development. May God richly bless you in your next season of life.