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A Call to all in the Ministry of Stewardship

Using the end of the year wisely

Hi all,

You know my passion for stewardship and stewardship education. I believe it holds the key to a life of discipleship. As Christians, we desire to follow Jesus, his ways, and to be considered one of his disciples. This is the key to stewardship.

I have two announcements for you.

First, my third book, Stewardship as a Lifestyle is set to be released in early January 2013. It focuses on my doctoral research of changing the definition of stewardship from fundraising to discipleship. It is holistic in its approach and gives some study questions for consideration. I hope you will look for it on my website and Amazon in January.

Second, I am so excited to announce the papers to be presented at the Stewardship Summit on January 10-12.  (see for time, place, schedule, etc.)

We had 14 excellent papers submitted and these 6 were chosen by the Advisory Faculty to be presented. The other papers will be made available after the summit.  Please take a look and see if they stir your heart and get you excited about what God is doing in stewardship through these authors. And then REGISTER and attend!

Jay Link What will it take to create a life stewardship culture within a church?
Mark L. Vincent If the church is a Body then the offering is Breath
Howard Rich III Steward Leadership in For-Profit Organizations
Donna Mace, Wes Wilmer Steward-Raising sustainability through a biblically-bold approach
Kent Wilson Stages in the historical and practical development of stewardship: How the historical development of the concept of stewardship mirrors modern organizational development
Gary Hoag Stewardship, Sustainability, and Soliciting in God’s Economy

I hope to meet you there. If not you, then invite someone from your organization, church, or professional connections that needs to attend.

Merry Christmas to you!

Dr. John R. Frank, CFRE, CCNL