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A New Year – What do your donors need to hear from you?

A Call to All in the Ministry of Stewardship

Hi all,

As the new year begins we in development do a number of things. We look at our development plans, calendar, and goals. We consider how to reach our goals and then begin the implementation process.

I suggest that now is also the best time to ask this question, "What do my donors need to hear from me?"

This question leads to the biblical stewardship principle of the call of the steward to invest in the things of God with all of our lives. This can be through giving of finances, as well as giving of ourselves.

Here are some questions you may ask your stewardship-minded donors as you start the new year:

  1. What are your stewardship goals for 2013?
    This question would give an opportunity to listen. Hear what they think about stewardship and their giving, priorities, and spiritual discernment.
  2. I have some stewardship resources. Would you be interesting in any of these books?
    There are some great books to offer donors. The Treasure Principle, The Third Conversion, The Sower, and some others are great stories to share with your donors.
  3. What stewardship opportunities beyond gifts of money would you like to consider?
    This question would bring up the holistic stewardship question. Do they volunteer? Pray for your ministry? Give of their talent? Listening to the answer to this question can obey some other doors of generosity.
  4. Is your local church your first stewardship priority?
    This is a tough one. But scripture is clear that our local church should still be our first source of our generosity. The local church is God’s design for the body of Christ. Ministry of Development many times involves discussions of the local church. Be ready to assist your stewards in a tough issue.

I wish you a great start to the new year with your stewards and donors. May you enjoy these conversations and learn new things about the people who involve your ministry in their journey of stewardship.

Blessings to you,
Dr. John R. Frank, CFRE, CCNL