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Some Important Announcements and Resources for May

May Resources

The month of May can be a time of winding down a school, or a giving season, or the beginning of the planning season.  If you are an educational organization you may be implementing your final annual fund strategies. Others may be finding that May is not a strong giving month, and are using the time to focus on key relationships.  Still others are beginning to see June through August as preparation time for the busy fall giving season.

As you plan for your summer work and fall planning, I wanted to share a few things that I hope are helpful to you.

  1. Stewardship Summit 2014—The first Summit was a great success and we are making plans for the next one. It will be held on the campus of Multnomah Biblical Seminar in Portland, Oregon. (Note: Not all Summits will be on the west coast. We hope to plan for more around the country in the future.)  The Summit will begin on Tuesday, January 7 at noon, and end on Thursday, January 9 at noon. This was the preferred time for most of those who attended.

    To find out more please go to: Here is how you can be involved and help with the success of the summit.

    1. Register and attend. We need your input.
    2. Apply to present a paper. Or encourage someone you know to submit an application. We want all views and ideas on stewardship.
    3. Pass the word, especially to pastors. We need to bridge the gap between church and parachurch in this important discussion. Invite YOUR pastor!
  2. Check out the Generosity Monk at Gary has put together a wonderful set of daily meditations concerning generosity. You will be blessed when you sign up to receive his collection of meditations.
  3. Please check out my book website,  I hope you will take a look and see if this new resource would be valuable to you, your church, and other leaders who want to consider stewardship as a part of discipleship in their daily life.
  4. Mark Vincent and his team from Design Group International produce a monthly eNewsletter titled: The Appriser.  They write short ideas/papers on various topics of leadership, business, culture, and non-profits. Well worth reading. Subscribe to it at

I hope these resources are helpful, and if you have other sites, blogs, or enewsletters that are interesting and informative, please forward them to me. Learning from others and gathering resources is important to successful development.

Hoping your May is productive and encouraging!


Dr. John R. Frank, CFRE, CCNL