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Development Success, The Next Generation, and Seasons

Three of my clients will launch the Public Phase of their capital campaigns in January, 2014. As I finish working with them on a monthly basis and hand their campaigns back to them, I am excited about the adventure before them. When I begin with a new client on a capital campaign I tell them it is not just a "development project," but a campaign embraces the entire organization!

The public phase is a very real manifestation of that statement. It has a groundbreaking, public relations, events, increased giving to the campaign, new donors, and hopefully a positive impact on the overall reputation of the organization. It is the culmination of years of planning, hard work, and prayer. Above all, the new building is ready to serve the people it was designed to serve, which is a great development success story!

Then, as I flew home from an east coast campaign client, I sat next to a 24 years old young woman.  We introduced ourselves and she shared that she worked in fundraising for a community college. Being in the field, I do not hear that response very much. We spent the next hour talking about development and non-profits as well as her goals and vision for the future. I gave her some resources to consider, information on CFRE, and a copy of my first book, The Ministry of Development. She received all gratefully.

I am filled with thanksgiving every time I can encourage a young person to pursue development work with non-profits. She is very sharp and I know she will go on to make a difference in our field. She is pursuing her BA and MA and already has 2 years of development experience. If anyone interviews a young women named Tressa in the next few years, hire her!

Changing Seasons

And now to let you know of a change and new season in my development life. While I love consulting and all of the clients and causes I have worked with, I find my 100,000 travel miles/year for 21 plus years must come to an end (or at least a serious reduction.) So as of January 2014, I will only be consulting onsite 5 months of the year and within one flight of Seattle. I have also launched a new consulting service – Development Coaching. I hope to drop to 20,000 miles/year in 2014.

I will continue to write this eNewsletter and will be starting a podcast soon. I will teach on nonprofit and stewardship topics, similar to this eNewsletter, but with more interviews and teaching. Please look for Stewardship Summit on iTunes in January!

Finally, just so do not think I am slowing down or getting lazy, I have accepted a part-time/volunteer position as Associate Executive Director for the Kitsap Rescue Mission, located in Bremerton, WA, just a few miles from where I live.

So I thank God for this opportunity to get off the hectic travel schedule, still consult, work with a local rescue mission (a 4 years old start up), and be with my wife and family more.

Please continue to read this eNewsletter and pass it on. I will continue to write about topics that will help and/or encourage you in your ministry of development and your call to stewardship. I look forward to continue walking this road with you.

It is fulfilling to complete successful campaigns, and it is exciting to get back into hands on development work, but it is very rewarding to encourage a new, young recruit to this great work of changing our world through nonprofits.

PS – Send me any questions to answer or topics to write about. I would be happy to try and include them in my eNewsletter or podcast schedule.