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Serving the Steward at Christmas

Serving the Steward at Christmas

It is a very busy time for everyone, trying to get meetings, parties, gatherings, and mailings all out on schedule, and at the same time worrying about year end goals, and not over-filling the prospects mailbox.

This is just a reminder to whom we are serving at this time of the year. The journey of the steward is of utmost importance right now. They are receiving so many "asks". Their hearts are being pulled in every direction. The "needs" of every ministry and nonprofit have been spelled out for them.

Here are some thoughts to remember as you assist them in their stewardship priorities:

  1. ;Remind them that you cannot give to everything. It may seem simple, but some people get so confused and even guilt-ridden when they cannot help everyone. They need your help in this area.
  2. Remind them to review their stewardship priorities. What is important to them? Curing disease? Feeding the hungry? Supporting their alma mater? Priorities are easy to forget at this time of the year. You are serving them by reminding them of what you have learned from them throughout the years.
  3. Whom do they serve? Is their faith in God the leading motivation in their lives? Do they have a cause that God has directed them to give to? Is there a project they feel called to accomplish?
  4.  Giving should be joyful. Are their hearts in the right place? I know this can sound judgmental and we are not to judge our donors, but if you know them well enough, help them find the joy in every gift.

I wish you the joy of giving in this season. I pray your ministry of development is fruitful and fulfilling. You are doing one of the greatest activities in our society. You are helping generous people touch lives, change lives, and in the process bring joy to God. Yes, I believe he finds joy in the generosity of his people.

Blessings to you this Christmas,


Dr. John R. Frank, CFRE