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Stewardship as a Lifestyle

Stewardship as a Lifestyle$10.00

In Stewardship as a Lifestyle, Dr. John R. Frank digs into his yearning for a more wholistic approach to the life of the steward. John touches on the broad strokes of time, talent and money, but he is not trying to be broad, he is going for deep. After a couple of chapters where he makes a compelling case, John shifts to a series of short and challenging musings about the life of the steward. Each one is designed to provoke conversation and reflection, coming from his own journey to grow in the grace of generosity.

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YOU and Your Nonprofit


This book has been written for those who want to learn more about the nonprofit sector or improve their knowledge and skills related to nonprofit leadership, management and fundraising. Dr. John Frank is one of the great contributors in this book. For more details, click here.

NEW AND UPDATED! - The Ministry of Development


This newly revised and expanded edition of Dr. Frank's introduction to raising financial support is available now.

A Revolution in Generosity: Transforming Stewards to Be Rich Toward God by Wesley k. Willer


The book quotes, "A basic premise of this book is that believers are on the wrong road when it comes to giving and are therefore not generous." It describes the biblical way, the transformational way, to biblical generosity. Among the supporters of this book is Dr. John Frank and many others. For more details, click here.

Book - The Monthly Partner $12.00

Monthly partners are faithful, frugal, and generous donors to the organizations they believe in. This book was written after numerous experiences of establishing a successful monthly partner program. It contains a detailed explanation of why a monthly partner program is needed, and then gives step by step guidance in the process. Needed examples are also provided in the back of the book. Every comprehensive development department needs a monthly partner program, and this book!

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